CFESA Online is Here!

What is a Dashboard?

CFESA Member Company Administrators, Proctors, and CFESA Employees have Dashboards.

These Dashboards enable CFESA Member Company Administrators to add branch locations, technicians and proctors to the new CFESA system.  CFESA Member Company Administrators can also log into their dashboard and approve and pay for technician Certification Exams.

The Proctor’s dashboard enables Proctors to Request a Certification Exam for a technician.  Once the request is approved and paid for by the CFESA Member Company Administrator the user id and passcode will become available in the proctor dashboard which the technician needs to start a certification exam.

The CFESA Dashboards and new Certification Test System is has arrived!

A whole new CFESA Online is here.  May 2nd, 2017 we launched the new CFESA Certification Tests and Dashboards.

Member Company Administrators, Member Company Branch Administrators, Proctors have their own dashboards with information specific to your CFESA membership, certifications, technician certifications, upcoming events and the CFESA Member’s online store.  If the people at CFESA do not have your email address, then please get it to them so you are able to log into your CFESA  dashboard.